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k12 crash test rated road blocker
    • K12 / PAS68 ROAD BLOCKER
    • Shallow Mount Hydraulic Roadblockers K12 PAS68 CRASH TEST



About MAdoorS
Company Profile

Founded in 1994, we can claim a wealth of experience in the manufacture of high security barricade and barrier systems and have a proven track record that is difficult to surpass. We have developed an impressive range of products, ranging from PAS 68/K12 anti terrorist Roadblockers to traffic bollards, designed to enhance the security of premises and improve the protection of personnel.

Since our entry into the security field we have gained an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability. Sites supplied over the years include global corporations, banks, airports, government buildings and palatial sites.
Our full range of PAS 68/K12-K8 Anti terrorist barricade Roadblockers

We pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of high security crash rated products.

Our  products ; 

road blockers
automatic gates
guns rifle cabinet
hydraulic bollard
pneumatic bollard
under vehicle scanning systems
x-ray truck container vehicle scanning systems
x-ray baggage scanning machine
water disrupter
antiriot gun
bomb disposal robots
arm barrier
rising barrier
chain barrier
k 12 road blocker
k4 bollard
revolving door
sliding gate
convex door